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Amazing Eco-Friendly Tree Houses

The treehouse has returned in spectacular fashion, gaining much popularity recently and offering some amazing accommodations with spectacular views. Tree house accommodations range from a full immersion off grid experience in the rainforest to modern luxury with an incredible view.

Regarding the treehouse, it offers many sentimental thoughts of childhood. These treehouses offer a luxurious and funky version of childhood sentiment for travelling adults who may wish for a memorable stay high in the treetops in their destination of choice.

Benefits of a tree house stay

Beyond the joy of experiencing something unique in one’s accommodation, the benefits of a tree house stay are many. The main benefit of a tree house stay is to re-foster a connection with nature. Turn off the television, disconnect from the handheld devices and to really connect with the surroundings. In this day and age of hurried schedules, fast approaching deadlines at work and convenience at the touch of a button, being able to take a deep breath of crisp clean air, listen to the birds sing and the leaves blow in the wind is a rare treat indeed. Through fostering this connection, the traveller is able to deepen their understanding of the fragility of nature and how to improve one’s own sustainable mindset in the future. Every tree house accommodation listed here has its own sustainable initiatives. Be it utilising only locally sourced items, emissions reductions, using renewable resources for building, water saving initiatives or the like, the traveller is better able to see the beauty and bounty which is possible with sustainable thinking. One is able to learn about their surroundings simply by being immersed in it. 

Today, we would like to introduce five unique and eco-friendly tree house accommodations around the world. four of these tree house accommodations are available now and one, the Peter Pichler Architecture project, is ongoing and estimated to be available to the public in 2021.

Hapuku Lodge, New Zealand

In New Zealand, Hapuku lodge + tree houses offer a modern take on the traditional tree house accommodation with large windows for viewing the New Zealand nature and a minimalistic, yet luxurious approach to interior design. Uniquely located on a deer breeding farm in the South Island of New Zealand, this lodge has created a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere which seamlessly blends nature with luxury and provides the travellers with an experience of local life and culture, and even provides high quality meals from local foods. 

Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica 

The Finca Bellavista tree house community in Costa Rica offers a more traditional, off grid approach in this rainforest tree house community. This tree house accommodation community offers the possibility to fully immerse oneself in the Costa Rican rainforest. These more traditional rainforest treehouses are completely off-grid, with an off-the-beaten-path location which offers privacy and an abundance of nature to enjoy! One need only an adventurous spirit and to be a light packer for all of the tree houses are accessible by walking paths only. The privacy of this tree house community is one of the things that sets it apart. The closest treehouse is located near the base camp, but there is still trekking required to make one’s way there. All of the other tree houses are further away from each other and anyone else, which requires trekking to  get there also. The traveller has the option of absolute isolation if that is what is desired. The reason this is called a tree house community, is because some of the tree houses were so loved by their occupants that they were purchased and are lived in as homes. 

Lion Sands, South Africa

The Lion Sands in South Africa offers so much more than accommodation. Located inside Kruger National Park, on the banks of the Sabie River, this resort area allows for an unprecedented view of national wildlife. Each tree house, perched above the land to allow for the ultimate view, has large outdoor areas where visitors can comfortably lounge while watching a variety of native wildlife in their outdoor habitat. The tree house’s interior is more luxury than traditional. The specialness of having a safari while sipping coffee on the wooden terrace is an experience one will never forget.

The Treehouse Lodge, Costa Rica

The Tree House Lodge in Costa Rica is not only a unique treehouse experience for travellers but it also holds the highest level of certification for sustainability (5 leaves) from the Certification for Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica. The Lodge is located within an area which was a former wildlife refuge, utilises recycled and renewable materials for building of the treehouses, uses solar panels for additional off-grid capability and uses only wood from trees which have fallen naturally in order to build authentic treehouses. This method of only using trees which have fallen naturally and not cutting down any trees for the building of these tree houses plus even using recycled materials for the roofing, put The Tree House Lodge in a sustainable building category all its own.

Modern Treehouses in USA

Peter Pichler Architecture is working to unveil a spectacular USA based  tree house accommodation in Dawson Lake, West Virginia. These amazing modern tree houses are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are designed in a way where guests in each treehouse can enjoy magnificent views.

This project is sustainability focused ranging from locally sourced wood for building, a location which ‘forms a protected habitat for native species’ and a plan for offering sustainable education workshops. Each tree house comes equipment with rainwater collection setups and geothermal heat pumps. Once completed, these tree houses will be a must-visit for travellers who wish to be among the first to visit modern and sustainable high-end architecture.

Are you a fan of these unique and eco-friendly tree house accommodation options? It could be a nice once in a lifetime experience during travel to stay overnight in a tree house!

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