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Amazing Eco Friendly Places to Stay
in New Zealand

The country of New Zealand is an ideal destination for an adventure-filled getaway. As an island in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is surrounded by stunning beaches, enchanting fjords, and rolling hillsides- therefore it has a little bit of everything! There are many places to stay in New Zealand that are eco friendly and place importance on protecting the environment. These eco friendly establishments use sustainable practices that can include growing their own produce and using systems that conserve water. 

The following are three wonderful sustainable New Zealand accommodations.

The Resurgence Luxury Eco Lodge

Credit: Resurgence Luxury Eco Lodge

Located in the town of Motueka, The Resurgence Luxury Eco Lodge is the ideal place for active couples who enjoy nature and gourmet dining. Amenities at this ecolodge include a refreshing pool, professional massages, and 5km of walking and biking trails- all set within a beautiful rainforest. Guests have a variety of accommodations to choose from that include studio suites with private hot tubs and romantic honeymoon suites.

The Resurgence Eco Lodge’s sustainable efforts include specially designed rooms that allow natural airflow, therefore air conditioning is not needed, and energy is conserved. The buildings on site have been constructed with local renewable timber and water is heated using energy-efficient gas heaters. The Resurgence Eco Lodge was voted as one of the world’s best eco-lodges by the National Geographic Traveler magazine and was awarded the Gold Sustainable Tourism Business Award by Qualmark.


Credit: SiloStay

For a truly unique experience, travellers will want to check out SiloStay in the town of Little River. SiloStay consists of 9 silos that have been converted into modern guest apartments complete with kitchenettes and external balconies. The property is located close to local attractions with many cafes and diners being within a 10-minute bike ride. It is also the perfect base camp for those who want to explore the Banks Peninsula, a breathtaking landform that encompasses two large harbours and several smaller bays and coves.

SiloStay was specially designed and built using innovative eco friendly systems. The silos are insulated by wool, only LED lights are used throughout the property, and their wastewater system efficiently breaks down waste without the extensive use of energy. SiloStay was awarded the Silver Sustainable Tourism Business Award by Qualmark

Kokohuia Lodge

Credit: Kokohuia Lodge

Sit back and relax at this sustainable New Zealand property located in Omapere. Kokohuia Lodge is extremely private as it accommodates one couple at a time, making for a one-of-a-kind experience. The ecolodge is perched high above the native bush and features large windows with panoramic views and a king-sized bed with natural linen sheets. Breakfast can be delivered to the lodge and consists of organic and locally produced ingredients, there are also cafes and restaurants nearby.

The ecolodge was constructed to be highly sustainable and produces its own solar electricity and solar hot water. It also uses utensils and linens made from bamboo or organic cotton and is heated by an energy-efficient eco gas heater. Kokohuia Lodge was awarded the Gold Sustainable Business Award in 2012 by Qualmark.

A vacation in New Zealand will provide travellers with unforgettable memories. By staying at sustainable New Zealand accommodations, guests can be at peace knowing their getaway is supporting efforts to protect the environment.

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