Africa’s Cultural Vacations & Community-Based Tours
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Africa’s Cultural Vacations
& Community-Based Tours

Community-based tourism in Africa is a type of travel experience primarily run by the local residents of destinations in order to improve the relationship and understanding between their culture and the tourists that visit them. Most of the time, these cultural vacations include the traveler spending some time in rural and marginalised economies while getting to know the locals and protecting the environment. This type of community initiative offers a unique kind of immersive trip to those who want to connect with a culture different to their own.

All across the African continent these exciting cultural vacations allow tourists to build and nurture important relationships with their community hosts and participate in conservation. This kind of immersive trip will help each of them gain suitable experience on protecting environments for future generations, while also enjoying a new travel destination. It’s beneficial on both sides. The contributions and help the travelers provide can make a huge difference in protecting the culture and traditions in each destination.

To see how you might be able to help, let’s look at some current cultural vacations in African countries just waiting for tourists to sign up. 

Volcanoes Safaris 

This tour company in Uganda has been taking tourists to see the majestic primates that live in the dense forests between Uganda and the neighbouring nation of Rwanda. By monitoring the animals’ movements, they’re able to help conserve and protect them from poachers. The business uses the money earned from their gorilla and chimpanzee safaris to help improve the lives and conditions of the local residents including the Batwa community. If you want to go on an eco-friendly and immersive trip to track gorillas, consider joining this tour so you can contribute to helping the local people and primates together.

The Kambako Living Museum

Tucked away into a rural corner of Zimbabwe, the Singita Pamushana Lodge is committed to helping the local community through their cultural vacations. Offering tourists a luxury experience of comfort while contributing profits towards the lives of the indigenous Shangaan people, each immersive trip teaches you traditional skills used daily and taught by the locals.

Green Safaris

Tongabezi Lodge in Zambia is another tour company that prides itself on providing support for the local economy. As a visitor of the lodge you can enjoy various cultural vacations that encourage conservation and community-based projects. There is a local trust school that offers students free education and the Mukuni Community Farm which teaches about sustainable farming methods. Both are partially, financially supported from profits earned at the lodge.

The world of conservation and community-based tours isn’t going anywhere. Travelers visiting Africa are more conscious than ever of their surroundings and the benefit conservation has, that they’re more likely to choose cultural vacations that are environmentally conscious, than they were decades ago. If you want to help support an important community initiative during your next sustainable adventure, consider booking your stay with one of the above companies so you can enjoy a culturally immersive trip while helping the local residents living there.

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