Affordable & Eco Hotels for Backpackers in Latin America
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Affordable & Eco Hotels
for Backpackers in Latin America

If you are backpacking around Central America and South America, you might want to look at some eco-friendly options for your stay.

A lot of Central & South America Hotels are going green due to the alarming need for environmental preservation. In fact, the best hotels in Central America and South America are switching to sustainable policies to fulfil their social responsibility.

Not only this, hotels are now striving to combine environment-friendly strategies with affordability and comfort to provide the ultimate experience to all sorts of voyagers that choose to stay at their accommodations.

Here are a few eco-hotels at affordable rates that individuals backpacking in Central & South America might want to consider.

Alfiz Hotel Boutique, Colombia

This is one of the few South America hotels to be designed in a classic vintage style. 

A transformed 17th-century colonial house, this property provides travellers with a sense of sustainability blended with a touch of history. The beautiful garden inside the house serves as a peaceful oasis for the guests.

The hotel is located at a hotspot of Cartagena’s walled city. The Plaza de Bolivar, Plaza de la Aduana, and multiple hangout places like restaurants, bars, and shopping centres are just a short walk away from the boutique hotel.

When it comes to sustainability activities, the hotel believes that small steps go a long way. They practise energy conservation by turning off external lights at 11 pm every night and use LED bulbs, which are proven to be better than CFL bulbs.

Alfiz Hotel Boutique is also a proponent of recycling and proper waste disposal. This boutique heritage home is an inspiration to all the other South America hotels. It is the ideal prototype of affordable luxury.

Palo Verde Sustainable Hotel, El Salvador

In terms of sustainability, Palo Verde Sustainable Hotel ranks at the top of the best hotels in Central America. The hotel is named “Palo Verde” which means a green branch to convey their commitment to preserving the health of the alluring Pacific ocean.

The hotel practises a holistic approach (ecological, economic, and social) toward sustainability and does it in a pocket-friendly manner.

For ecological sustainability, they dispose of their waste in a responsible manner. They organise a beach clean-up every couple of days which makes it one of the best beach resorts in Central America. The resort also avoids using plastic in any form in their rooms and kitchens.

Energy conservation is done by relying on sunlight for illumination in the resort. Wherever artificial lighting is necessary, only LED bulbs have been used that work on solar energy.

The premise holds a wastewater treatment plant. All toilets operate on reused water.

Along with environmental sustainability, the hotel also works on fulfilling its social and economic sustainability duties.

While staying at this hotel backpackers can experience the culture of El Salvadore. Additionally, you can attend the Spanish classes available on the property.

With an abundance of forests and beaches, the area of Central and Southern America makes for a perfect travel destination. While exploring these beautiful wonders, it is our duty to be responsible. 

Eco hotels are available all over the world, it is our prerogative to support them and encourage their sustainable practices.

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