About Us



Ecotourism World is an information platform that transmits information
related to ecotourism and sustainable tourism in the world.
We do it in order that more travellers get to know about ecotourism
and sustainable tourism to be able to choose sustainable trips
and achieve great, unforgettable experiences.
It is the traveler who decides what kind of journey to take.
It depends on each one of us, how we impact on our planet.


We aim to increase the demand for sustainable travel
and make sustainable travel the standard of travel around the world.



Our Mission




Create awareness
that anyone can be
an eco-traveler
Inspire people to make
a positive action 
for our future
Enrich daily life 
with information 
for a meaningful journey

Founder: Kaori Inagaki

Kaori Inagaki is a nature lover and she has been traveling all over the world more than 54 countries in a variety of styles including backpacking. Her strong interest in ecotourism took her to James Cook University in Australia where the ecotourism is quite advanced as a national level for her master’s degree of Ecotourism. She has been dedicated to destination marketing for Hawaii and for Japan. Also, she worked for online start-up company in Spain as a marketing manager and worked at World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) headquarter in Spain. After the journey in the tourism industry, seeing that governments are trying to set up the rules and policies of ecotourism in each country and more and more enterprises in the travel industry are trying to be more sustainable, she strongly felt the necessity to encourage consumers to make a better choice for the planet for ourselves. Thus, she established Ecotourism World to stimulate consumers to get to know more about the attraction of ecotourism. Kaori holds the Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism issued by Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).