A New Wave of Sustainable Architecture

A New Wave of Sustainable Architecture

As time moves on and the human population grows, more and more urban structures are being built throughout our cities and expanding into rural regions. In some ways this becomes a problem as there ends up being significantly less green spaces available for people to use. However, there are increasing numbers of “green buildings” and lots of new sustainable architecture being built to tackle much of this problem

So, what exactly are eco-friendly buildings?

Eco-friendly buildings are a type of sustainable architecture built with the primary purpose of being good for the environment. There are many examples of how green buildings are eco-friendly including those that prioritise natural sunlight over electricity, those that are made from recycled materials and those with greenery and gardens planted along the walls to create these new urban green spaces. 

To give you a better idea of what these structures are like, let’s take a look at some real-world examples of sustainable architecture built for these purposes below: 

CopenHill – Copenhagen, Denmark 

Created by the Bjarke Ingels Group, CopenHill is a modern day energy plant and one of the top green buildings in the country, all in one. It has an artificial ski hill on the roof that insulates the building requiring less energy and is a useful entertainment area for the winter sport loving community which makes it a wonderful multi-use property.

Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

Created by Grant Associates and Wilkinson Eyre, the Gardens by the Bay is a prime example of sustainable architecture due to the famous supertrees harvesting solar and rainwater energy. These supertrees also expel unnecessary waste like a chimney would and currently saves the city of Singapore around 30% more energy.

“Bosco Verticale” – Milan, Italy

Created by Stefano Boeri, the Vertical Forest is an architect’s dream come true when it comes to green buildings. With the two, tall residential towers becoming home to CO2 absorbing plant life and lowering energy consumption, they have become one of the leading green buildings in Italy and a strong contender in the world’s list of sustainable architecture.

The Crystal – London, United Kingdom

Created by Wilkinson Eyre as an exhibition centre, “The Crystal” in London is another stunning piece of sustainable architecture that has been built with nature in mind. Fitted with solar energy panels and mostly glass walls that allow lots of natural sunlight in which lessens energy wastage.

There are more and more green buildings getting built around the world to help fight the loss of green spaces in urban areas. This is a growing phenomenon that is helping the Earth to stay green for longer while urbanisation takes over. So, if you want to visit some eco-friendly buildings so you can help contribute to the environment, you can head to one of the listed buildings above. If you want something a little different or something with a view instead, why not check out this list of green rooftops on your next trip? 

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