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5 Tips For Sustainable Travel With Dogs

Travel is a transformative experience for both man and man’s best friend. Our dogs are part of our family, so of course, we want to bring them along for the journey when we travel. They also play a significant role in the sustainable environment and making small changes in the way you travel with dogs can make a considerable impact. Here is everything you need to know for sustainable travel with dogs. 

1. Pack Environmentally Friendly Products 

When packing for your trip, keep it simple and only bring the essentials on your dog friendly vacation. Bring kibble with you and pack it in reusable containers or cloth bags. Don’t forget to bring reusable bowls for food and water, and reusable water bottles to fill during your trip. If possible, skip canned food because it’s made with chemicals that are toxic to the environment and recycling is often hard to find on the road. 

2. Use Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags 

Carrying biodegradable waste bags at all times is important when you are on a dog friendly vacation. Dog waste can pollute waterways and affect local wildlife when it’s not property cleaned up. You are also helping to reduce the amount of plastic in landfills by using biodegradable waste bags. To be sure that the bags you purchase are biodegradable check that they meet the standard set by ASTM D6400

3. Book Eco Dog Friendly Parks And Resorts 

When you travel with dogs, identifying eco dog friendly parks and resorts is essential. Eco dog friendly parks are easy to locate and allow you and your dog to enjoy nature together. These parks will have waste stations for easy clean up and trash receptacles so that you leave only footprints with your dogs.

These sustainable dog friendly hotels and resorts offer ecological cleaning procedures, paperless checkout, free biodegradable waste bags and locally sourced foods. When booking these accommodations for you and your dogs look for green labels, such as the Green Key or Earth Check to make sure that the establishment is truly sustainable. To find eco dog friendly hotels and resorts you can use search engines such as Travel Myth or Trip Advisor’s Green Leaders Program and choose the dog friendly and eco friendly options. 

Great Eco Dog Friendly Resorts: 

Gradonna Mountain Resort – Austria

The Gradonna Mountain Resorts offers eco dog friendly amenities including marked paths for walks and hikes, treats, toys, and stations for pampering your dog. 

W Scottsdale – Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.

The W Scottsdale is an eco friendly hotel that welcomes dogs with open arms. They offer doggy zen yoga classes, eco friendly toys and treats, and complementary biodegradable waste bags. 

XV Beacon – Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

The XV Beacon leaves dogs and owners in the lap of sustainable luxury. Offering locally sourced dog biscuits, plush dog beds, and both dog sitting and walking amenities. 

4. Respect Wildlife 

It’s important to take wildlife into consideration when you travel with dogs. Your dogs carry domestic diseases such as, rabies, parvovirus, and distemper, because of this they can cause significant damage and decline in local wildlife populations. Carry biodegradable waste bags at all times and clean up after your dogs each time. That small change can eliminate the spread of disease to wildlife. Also, do not allow your dog to approach wildlife for any reason and always keep them leashed for safety. It’s best to follow the local guidelines when it comes to where dogs are permitted and stick to the designated paths in nature.

5. Road Trip With Dogs

One of the most eco-friendly ways to travel is to road trip with dogs. Airline travel leaves the largest ecological impact, so hitting the road with your dogs is a more sustainable dog friendly vacation. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a hybrid or electric vehicle, road trips leave less of a carbon footprint then airline or train travel. Appreciate the open road and spend some quality time with your furry friends. 

There you have it, all of the information that you need to ensure you have an amazing time when you travel with dogs. Being aware and making these small changes will help the environment and establish an even deeper bond between you and your dogs. So get out there, explore and enjoy the open road with your dogs!

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