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5 Recommended Ecotourism Sites
in The United States

Ecotourism activities in the United States are practiced in protected areas like nature reserves and the national parks. Ecotourism behaviors and principles have continued to make the tourism sector in The United States great.

 Green movements and a significant increase in environmental awareness have shed some light to ensure sustainable ecotourism in USA. Ecotourism is the act of travelling to natural areas with enhanced environmental conservations to sustain on the local people wellbeing. It also involves the interpretation of findings and the provision of education.

The United States is typically getting more active regarding ecotourism. The country is full of natural wonders ranging from the peaceful plains, incredible coast regions, unique wildlife and the breathtaking mountains.

Here are the top ecotourism recommendations in the USA.

1. Alaska

Alaska tops our list because of its untouched nature, excellent accommodation options and the respect that people have to preserve their environment. Alaska has an official program that ensures sustainable ecotourism in the region, the Adventure of Green Alaska (AGA). AGA aims to bring businesses together to incorporate more eco-friendliness and sustainable ecotourism for nature adventures, executions and the conservation of the rare wildlife. The scenic wilderness if filled with state and national parks. There are guided tours to all best spots. Ecotourism programs and activities in Alaska suit all ages.

2. Colorado

Colorado is an ecotourism gem in the united states. It attracts millions of green travelers from the USA and the other parts of the world. The natural beauties are very spectacular to reconnect the travelers with the wholesome beauty of our planet. From Garden of the Gods to the almighty Rockies, there is plenty to explore and follow in Colorado. The ecotourism activities in Colorado are very committed to promoting the eco-friendly businesses which cannot harm any of the region’s unique and beautiful nature.  Ecotourism in Colorado has the potential of converting the most prominent sceptics to nature lovers.

3. Hawaii

Hawaii locals have a connection with nature sustainability embedded deep into their culture. The wonder ecotourism on the island is flourishing each day- the most beautiful natural wonders in the USA are found here. To make it more captivating, Hawaii also has its membership title at International Ecotourism Society which has placed the region in a good chance to offer myriads of ecotourism activities that educates its visitors on the importance of having sustainable ecotourism practices. It’s very easy to find quality accommodation options and breathtaking ecotourism activities in Hawaii. You should check on Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve which developed due to the strenuous activities that targeted to restore Oahu to its previous state of glory. The best Snorkeling in the entire world found in Hawaii.

4. The Bird and Wildlife Trail in Virginia

The Commonwealth Virginia has no other better way that can be used to express the fascinating wildlife in the region than hopping on its organized natural sites known as the Virginia Bird and Wildlife Trail (VBWT). The trail makes up the best sites for visitors to view different species of birds and wildlife. Other ecotourism activities in the region include river paddling, trekking, fishing, hunting and hiking.

5. The Half Moon Bay, California

Half Moon Bay, located in California, has an immense potential of leaving you in awe. The residents of this small town take ecotourism preservation and sustainability seriously. You will find very many eco-friendly accommodations in Half Moon Bay. The destination is well-known because of its crescent shape and the Mavericks (finest surf location with big-waves). In addition, Half Moon Bay has a great excursion, and it’s a lovely place to enjoy ecotourism activities on the coast. Every time you visit Half Moon makes sure you explore more about the vast shorelines, beaches lighthouses, the marine reserves and many more.

The United States of America is a great destination for ecotours. Ecotourism in the United States has continued to shape thousands of plants and animal species to encourage its diversity and uniqueness. Visit there, have fun on your every trip, leave footprints and take a picture only!

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