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5 Inspirational Sustainable
Tourism Videos for 2020

Being unable to travel or go out has proven difficult for people who love to travel. As the restrictions are beginning to lift, it is a good time to information-gather for when travel is possible again! In that spirit, we would like to introduce a collection of inspiring short videos to get you thinking about the future of sustainable travel.

GLP Films shared the official selection of “Best Sustainable Tourism Films” for 2020.  The selection is the top 5 videos from over 100 submissions by travel industry groups and filmmakers around the world.

Founded in 2008, GLP is a content marketing agency founded as the brand “Green Living Project” which is mainly focused on storytelling for sustainability. The GLP has been implemented by requesting that the travel industry, including travel brands, production companies, media, destinations and tour operators, submit the best short footage that supports the overall theme of sustainable tourism. 

This selection was announced with the desire to shed light on the positive story of the future of tourism amid the difficult times of today. Laura Knudson, Marketing Director of GLP Films had this to say about the submissions: “We are excited to celebrate inspiring messages of sustainable tourism through video storytelling. We thank all the travel brands and filmmakers that submitted their videos, and hope these positive stories of tourism and humanity add a little light to the challenging times the travel industry and the world are facing right now.”

The 2nd “Best Sustainable Tourism Film” Contest was created from the viewpoint of “Eco-friendly and sustainable tourism”. The award-winning works are due to the strengths of the sustainable tourism message and the quality of the video overall.  It was also judged in terms of compelling storytelling.

At this time, we will introduce the five videos selected as “Best Sustainable Tourism Film 2020” from destinations around the world.

Each video is unique and beautifully edited. The themes are that of world tourism such as community tourism, women’s empowerment, wildlife protection, social impact, local production for local consumption from farm to table, and cultural heritage. 

Please watch and enjoy the beautiful images and the lively faces of the locals, which may give you a case of wanderlust! 


A community story that promotes tourism using bicycles in Morocco. This particular group aims to dispel the negative perception that owning a bicycle is for those who cannot afford gas or electric powered forms of transportation. And to instead instill a sense of fun, adventure and togetherness with friends.

By riding a bicycle, you can become more integrated with local life. In order to do sightseeing using a bicycle, it is possible to educate people in the profession of being bicycle guides and bicycle repairmen in the community, and one can use public speaking techniques, emergency response, and safety measures necessary for guides.  In addition, the aim is to empower women in the area by offering bicycling classes to women, and as a bicycle guide activities are also conducted in order to build self-confidence and encourage self-reliance.


A story about local production for local consumption in an area called Skåne in Sweden.

The locals tell about locally grown organic foods and the connection with nature.

The video shares interesting facts, such that the restaurants also source ingredients from the fields, the hospitality of the locals and the stress-free country life. This is a video that impresses with the gentle nature and smiles of the local people.


A story about the conservation of sea turtles in Tortuguero, Costa Rica. Tortuguero means turtles in Spanish. This video has many scenes of baby turtles, which can be quite endearing.

In Central and South America, sea turtles are endangered because eating turtles and their eggs is a traditional food. This sea turtle breeding area protects sea turtles. They accept volunteers from all over the world. Because many travellers visit to observe turtles, it is important to protect sea turtles for a sustainable form of tourism that does not destroy nature. This form of tourism is preferable to the hunting of turtles, which has long been a source of income for the local community. 


A story of a craft shop and cafe in Sri Lanka.

This initiative for women’s empowerment was established in 2018. While it is possible to make high technology and wonderful things, it helps women who could not sell clothes and crafts made without a sales channel until now. 

In addition, a program for travelers who wish to experience cooking local food is offered. These initiatives are beneficial for many reasons, as well as directing funds into the local community.


A story about foraging and cooking naturally sourced foods in Newfoundland and Labrador, northeastern Canada. The wild grass and tree nuts that can be obtained locally are wonderful in color, and although it can be difficult to collect, it is said that it is very delicious if you cook it and share the meal with a person who is important to you.

In various parts of the world, local people are maintaining their livelihoods by hosting travelers who come to sightsee from outside of the area, while considering the environment of earth. It may be difficult to travel right away, but once you are able to travel, it would be nice to visit places that offer sustainable travel using these local materials and resources. 

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