5 Examples of Sustainable Activities
That Travel Lovers Can do From Home

Are you feeling isolated during the pandemic isolation times? If so, you are not alone!

Do not worry, there are many examples of  sustainable activities  – even those related to travel – which can be participated in at home.

In unprecedented moves which have disrupted travel around the world simultaneously, many travellers have now found themselves scrambling to change or cancel travel arrangements made prior to the enactment of the travel bans. The travel and tourism industry has been deeply affected by the disruption to the industry. A high ratio of the global population is employed, directly or indirectly, by the travel and tourism industry. According to UNWTO, the travel and tourism industry currently employs 1 out of 11 people, globally. With this many people relying on tourism for employment, it is a good thing to protect people by continuing tourism activities in the future.  With this fact in mind, it is preferable that the traveller postpone their travel plans as opposed to cancelling them outright.

While you are having some time at home, why not make good use of that time to do some planning for future travels or information sharing about your previous travels?

Travel activities at home?

Some examples of sustainable activities  which can be done from home are to:

1. Create a travel wish-list

Create a travel wish list, where one can create a vision board of sorts with photos from magazines or printouts of online destination information. Try to envision your ideal trip and plan accordingly!

2. Complete your travel album

Take the time to go through all of your travel photographs and organise them, put them into an album or even share them with friends and family. Artistic scrapbooking are a popular pastime, as is uploading cherished photos to selected groups of family or friends – to share some good memories.

3. Share information about your previous travels

Share about your experiences on social media, like facebook. Or you can even start writing a blog! If you have been meaning to leave online reviews for travel or tourism related businesses, but have not yet had the time to do so, now is a good time for sharing your thoughts.

Travel anxiety is quite a common feeling in the current environment of social distancing. Many travel companies including airlines and hotels are offering free ticket or booking changes to later dates in order to better accommodate their customers in this time of global uncertainty.

Other examples of home-based sustainable activities 

4. Planting a home garden

If you have been waiting for the perfect reason to do some home gardening, this is it. Easy to do for both a small flat or home with a garden, planting own grown plants is suitable for every living situation.  Having fresh herbs or greens for snacking is always a good option for sustainable living. It helps to clean the air and offers clean food without having to visit the food shop!

5. Repurposing old clothing

If you have worn or broken cotton clothing items, those can be repurposed for use as dish cloths or dust cloths. It is quite simple, only needed to wash the item and cut into smaller sized pieces that are suitable for wiping or drying. These work well as a sustainable alternative to single-use wipes as the cloths can be washed and reused many times. The cotton fabric is soft, so as not to leave scratches on any of the surfaces.

These are only a few ideas for ways you can participate in sustainable activities from home. Make good use of the time you have at home, to do some projects and plans, learn a new hobby or revisit an old one!

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