4 significant benefits of using homestays for vacation home rentals

4 Significant Benefits of Using Homestays for Vacation Home Rentals

Are you looking for a more sustainable choice of accommodation? Then using local residences for vacation home rentals might be for you!

Homestay has become more familiar with Airbnb as it has become popular.

You may not be feeling the whole eco-resort vibe, but there are plenty of other ways to book a more sustainable stay at your next destination without compromising on comfort. 

You might even get lucky enough to find a hidden gem at a more affordable price compared to big hotels around the globe.

This article walks through four significant benefits of using homestays as vacation home rentals and where you can book them to support local citizens.

What is a homestay?

A homestay is an experience of renting someone’s private property for vacation purposes or a short overnight stay.

You can either rent the whole property or parts of it (like a spare bedroom, garage, etc.).

This gives people from around the world an opportunity to have a more local and sustainable experience while visiting the neighborhood.

Here are four significant benefits of using homestays for vacation home rentals:

1. You get a more local experience by staying at a local residence

Many hotels offer information on different activities and great places to explore, but none does it better than a local citizen! People who rent out their local residences as vacation rentals usually love to share the best things around town. 

It can be anything from the best underground bars to the most exquisite local cuisines, cafes, and natural wonders. You will get the unique opportunity to discover the locals’ lifestyle at a level you won’t be able to if you stay at a hotel. 

2. You sustainably support locals with a homestay

Instead of filling corporate bodies with more money, choosing a homestay as your next vacation home rental means that you can support local residents and their families directly.

You will help increase their income, and since their home is already part of the landscape, you naturally support less impact on the environment.

3. Staying at a local residence gives you a unique opportunity

By choosing to check in at a local residence, you will have the chance to stay in a special place that is incomparable to a regular hotel. 

Booking websites for homestays are filled with hidden gems unique to their surroundings.

There are different websites for different needs, so you can rest assured that there’s something for everyone’s taste. From small cozy cottages in the middle of nowhere to big luxury apartments in the world’s most vibrant cities, you are sure to find a match within your budget.

4. Homestays come with more flexibility

One of the biggest perks of renting someone’s local residence is the luxury of having it all at your fingertips while being away from your own home.

You can decide your own schedule since there’s no restaurant with specific opening hours. You can choose when to eat and even save some money since you’ll most likely want to do your own cooking in a homestay.

If you’re a group of people traveling together, you’ll also enjoy staying at one place that offers enough space for you all to connect easily during the whole trip.

Where to book your next homestay

While Airbnb is the most well-known platform with a lot to offer in terms of vacation home rentals, it’s becoming more and more commercial, considering it’s now a large-scale business. 

If you want to support locals more directly, we recommend the following sites for booking your next homestay:

If you want to get even closer to a truly local experience, click here to read more about homestays accompanied by a local host family. 

Staying in a local’s home rather than a hotel allows you to learn more about the area and have a unique experience. Why not travel more like a local and live like a local?

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  • Victoria Addington

    It captured me the most when you mentioned that vacation home rental allows you to support local residents and their families directly. My friend wants to stay in a hotel. I should advise her to choose a unit that fits her needs.

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