4 Incredible Sustainable Travel Startups

4 Incredible Sustainable Travel Startups

In response to travelers’ growing concerns with sustainable travel, innovative solutions are on the rise. These travel startups aim to make sustainable travel available to the masses and easier to use than ever before. These travel startup companies offer opportunities to connect travelers and locals, which help local communities and people to earn money directly from travelers. This facilitates more authentic travel experiences that are unforgettable. These sustainable travel startups really do wear their green hearts right on their sleeves. Check out these 4 amazing sustainable travel startups for great ideas on how to make travel more eco friendly.

Green Tickets – Denmark

Green Tickets is a Dutch innovative startup that develops sustainable route solutions for travel throughout Europe. Although traveling is an amazing way to expand your horizons, it’s also a major contributor to climate change. Their platform is currently website and app based and allows users to compare the sustainability of the routes they choose, and make informed decisions based on which route is more eco-friendly. Not only that but Green Tickets also offers eco travel tips, which gives travelers the opportunity to plan for more  sustainable travel. 

NotOnMap – India

NotOnMap encourages sustainable travel by creating a better livelihood for marginalized people of rural areas. With the goal of protecting the local heritage and culture, as well as bringing travelers a more authentic experience. This travel startup aims to connect travelers with farmers and artisans all over the country of India and was founded in 2012. Known for its rural and rustic experiences, travelers who have used this startup rave about the lasting impression their trip made. With NotOnMap, you find more than just a destination to stay, you become part of the story yourself. This startup encourages you to live like a local, you’ll fully immerse yourself in the local culture, learn enriching skills that seep through the wisdom that the locals have to offer. 

Jet-Set Offset – Maine, U.S.A.

Jet-Set Offset is a United States based travel startup that offers mile based carbon offsetting. Most travelers know that air travel is one of the greatest contributors to CO2 emissions, but sometimes it’s a necessary mode of travel. Founded in 2019, Jet-Set Offset’s main goal is to provide a simple platform for mileage-based giving, and to spark a movement towards more sustainable travel. What makes this innovative startup different? Jet-Set Offset is an alternative approach to traditional carbon offsetting making it so that travelers can choose to support nonprofit organizations across the country working towards local climate solutions.

Tastemakers Africa – New York City, U.S.A. 

Tastemakers Africa is an NYC based sustainable travel startup that brings together artists, chefs, musicians, and local creatives from different African cities. These creatives host tours and activities for travelers, opposed to visiting a stereotypical African safari. The current cities that host Tastemakers African are Accra, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. Have experiences like Art Meets Fashion in Accra where you’ll join insiders for a unique look at galleries and boutiques or Pan Afrikan Plate a banquet-style food experience that reflects the African people and cultures around them.This innovative travel startup has booked over 2,000 authentic experiences for 400+ travelers since launching in November 2018. 

There are so many great sustainable travel startups and new innovative eco travel ideas are popping up daily. These travel startups are making sustainable travel easier than ever! Companies like NotOnMap or Tastemakers Africa help to connect travelers and locals, which help local communities and people to earn money directly from travelers and provides a more authentic travel experience for your next trip. Traveling more sustainably is easy with startups like these. Use these innovative travel startups to make your upcoming trip more eco-friendly!

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