3 Unique and Sustainable Coffee Shops in the USA
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3 Unique and Sustainable Coffee Shops
in the USA

Whichever part of the world you are in, coffee shops are a great way to experience a laid-back moment during your travel. When it comes to sustainable coffee shops, there’s quite a long list. Some, however, stand out for being nature-conscious and a step ahead of other cafes in their uniqueness and sustainability.

In this article, let’s explore 3 unique coffee shops in the US and how they up their sustainability game towards creating a greener and cleaner world.

Blue Bottle Coffee, Oakland, California

Headquartered in Oakland, Blue Bottle Coffee has 110 cafes around the world. It is one of the best coffee shops when it comes to caring about the environment. To give back to the community in leaps and bounds, Blue Bottle Coffee sets its sight on achieving carbon neutrality by 2024.

Since 2002, Blue Bottle Coffee has been organic and averse to the use of plastic. Every cafe sources fresh ingredients by systematically investing in producers and scaling the best sustainability practices.

Blue Bottle Coffee also leads the food and beverage industry by a movement toward reuse and zero waste policies. They also take into consideration reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses including agricultural supply streams.

If you are looking to visit one of the best coffee shops in terms of sustainability, look no further than Blue Bottle cafes.

Caffe Amouri, Vienna, Virginia

Caffe Amouri is located in Vienna. With its slogan “where community meets coffee”, this is one of the most unique coffee shops that breathes sustainability. The cafe boasts several feathers on its cap for its ways of giving back more to the community than it takes. 

Caffe Amouri has bagged several awards including the Town Of Vienna Green Business Of The Year award and has also been named The Virginia Green Restaurant Of The Year.

When you walk into this Caffe Amouri, you might think that the windows are just there for design. They are not! The owner of the cafe, Michael Amouri, designed the windows to allow natural light inside, cutting down the energy consumption.

To be a leader in the space of sustainability practices, Caffe Amouri’s goal is to offer 100% plastic-free packaging. You can see the use of compostable corn to make to-go cups and lids. For in-house services, you’ll get served in washable and reusable ceramic coffee mugs. Even the coffee grounds were reused as compost by the community! 

Cajé Coffee Roasters, Santa Barbara, California

Every search for sustainable coffee shops should end with Santa Barbara’s Cajé. The cafe has implemented a zero-waste program to eliminate the use of plastic.

After a proud feature in Forbes, Cajé has also found its well-deserved place in ‘Barista Magazine’ as one of the Six Examples of Cafés Practicing Environmental Sustainability.

Cajé practices the “bring your own cup” model where you get coffee served in the cup you bring. Since the cafe also caters to a large number of travellers, it has introduced a practical solution which is like a deposit system. If you don’t bring your own cup then you deposit $5 for a reusable container. When you bring the container back, they return your deposited money! 

Staying true to its sustainability practice, Cajé is one of the most unique coffee shops in the States.

Choose your cup of steaming coffee from one of the sustainable coffee shops. If you consider the number of cups of coffee that are consumed every day, even that one cup makes a difference. Choose your cup consciously!

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