travel sustainably during your gap year abroad
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3 Reasons to Travel Sustainably
during Your Gap Year Abroad

Taking a whole year off and traveling around the world is something many people take for granted in our modern world. But most people pay attention only to their surroundings. 

But how about being one of the travelers yourself who stands out from the crowd? Because there are so many reasons why you should travel green during a gap year abroad. In this article, you’ll learn about 3 of them. 

After a gap year abroad, you see things from different perspectives

If you travel sustainably during a gap year abroad, you can get to know the world by learning from different cultures and people. You will naturally find that what you used to take for granted is not really. For example, teaching English abroad is one of the best gap year jobs for immersing yourself in another country and interacting with the people who make its culture.

When you talk to the locals, you will learn a lot about their concerns or how they think or treat things. Often, conflicts between people arise only because no one puts themselves in the other’s shoes. 

In case you talk to the locals, you will also get a better idea of what worries and needs these people have. We often forget that there is not only one truth, but different points of  view from different angles. 

It is a great opportunity to see yourself and your country from a different point of view.

In a gap year abroad, you learn how important nature is 

Unfortunately, few people realize that without Mother Earth we would not be here at all.  Instead of treating like our mother full of love and respect, numerous tourists do not pay  attention to their environment at all. 

Only the direct contact with nature also ensures to realize that it is essential for the survival of mankind. Sure, you can enjoy nature at home as well. But unfortunately, people tend to take their environment for granted. 

During your gap year abroad, you rather enjoy the fresh impressions. You get in close  contact with nature and will feel it with all your senses. That makes a gap year abroad a  great chance to visit interesting places far away from your home. 

In addition, these new experiences also make you realize that you are also only a part of  this nature. Besides, a world without nature would be quite dull. Imagine living in a  colorless, barren world. Doesn’t sound that exciting, does it? Well, this is exactly where  nature comes into play. Because it enriches our environment with colors and breathes life  into it. 

During your gap year abroad, you learn the importance of local consumption 

A visit to McDonald’s? That’s become part of everyday life for too many people. Even in  foreign countries, many tourists prefer to visit the restaurants they already know. 

But who are you actually supporting if you only eat at big fast food chains? Will you ever  meet the owner in person? Well, likely, probably not. 

At international chain restaurants, you may be paying a lot for advertisement and logistics just to bring their ingredients from other countries instead of the quality of the ingredients. 

On the other hand, imagine going out to eat at a local restaurant. You can also support the local community by eating at local restaurants where using locally produced ingredients. Not only restaurants, but also souvenirs. Is it locally produced?

When you travel with the mindset of sustainability, you will think of not just what you see in front of your eyes but how your action affects society or economy. 

How would you like to use your limited money? Supporting the local community or supporting more benefits for international companies or non-environmental friendly companies?  

There are actually some interesting arguments why going green during a gap year abroad pays off. The three points mentioned in this article are just a small sampling of many. 

The best thing to do is to experience it for yourself. As long as you are open to new  experiences, you will quickly realize how important environmental awareness is today.

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