3 Amazing Destinations To See Unique Animals

3 Amazing Destinations
To See Unique Animals

Having a close encounter with a unique animal is one of the most rewarding travel experiences. And watching an animal in their natural habitat is incredibly enlightening and special. Wildlife travel is popular in many places around the world, but to have a legendary experiences with unique animals such as orangutans, giant tortoises, pandas, and elephants there are a few destinations that stand out. Join an ecotour that contributes to the conservation of local nature or explore with a local guide (ranger) when looking for these unique animals. These 3 amazing destinations are the perfect place to see unique animals. 

Keep In Mind

When choosing a destination or tour it’s important to look for places that treat animals ethically and with respect. Researching the wildlife tour companies you are considering is the best way to find out if these companies and sanctuaries treat animals kindly and respect their natural habitat. You should avoid these kinds of  animal encounters completely, elephant rides, feeding wildlife, and cage diving with sharks. Also keep in mind that there are for profit sanctuaries, pay attention to the backstories of these unique animals and the transparency of the sanctuary. Always remember to never touch or interact with these unique animals.

1. Borneo – Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei

Borneo is a wildlife travel paradise! Split between Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, Borneo is home to several unique animals including the critically endangered Borneo Orangutan. It’s also home to the Sumatran Rhino and the Borneo pygmy elephant, both of which are unique and endangered. A wildlife hotspot can be found at the Kinabatangan River, a place that many of Borneo’s most famous animals call home. Take a wildlife tour of the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary. Or you can take wildlife travel to the next level and take a Borneo “Wild and Wonderful” Wildlife Eco Tour or any of these amazing tours from the eco-friendly and knowledgeable Wild Planet Adventures

2. Galapagos Islands – Ecuador

Home to some of the most endangered species in the world, you can’t miss the unique animals of the Galapagos Islands. With 18 main islands that are famous for giant tortoises, blue footed boobies, flamingoes, land and marine iguanas. Galapagos most famous residents are the giant tortoise that outlives almost every other vertebrate on Earth, with an average age well over 100 years. There are over 200 species on the Galapagos Islands, plus this is the only place you can find penguins in the Northern Hemisphere. Check out epic wildlife tour options with Responsible Travel and Wilderness Travel Galapagos

3. Madagascar – Africa 

Madagascar is home to some of the most fascinating and unique animals in the world. Unlike the rest of Africa, you won’t find zebras or giraffes in this part of the continent. But there are in fact, over 50 different types of Lemurs on this island off the coast of Africa. Some of Madagascar’s unique animals include the Fossa, Indri, and Aye-Aye, the largest nocturnal creature in the world. The fossa is one of Madagascar’s most famous unique animals and this cat-like animal is actually the largest of the Mongoose family. As the island’s largest mammal, the Fossa will take on any challenger. Wildlife travel enthusiasts will also love that the island is home to almost 250 different species of birds. If you’re looking for a wildlife tour of Madagascar check out this Madagascar Wildlife Adventure

As one of the most rewarding travel experiences, viewing unique animals in their natural habitat is something you won’t soon forget. When looking for a wildlife tour remember to make sure that all animals involved are treated ethically and allowed to live in their natural habitat. When it comes to wildlife travel, you just can’t go wrong by visiting Borneo, the Galapagos Island, or Madagascar. What are you waiting for? Get out there and explore this beautiful world and admire all of the unique animals that call it home!

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