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Sustainable Activity

10 Sustainable Ideas to Enjoy Nature
Close to Home

Living sustainably, and engaging in outdoor activities to enjoy nature can take a bit of thought, even on an average ordinary day. Now that Covid-19 has been circulating for some time now and many countries are going back into restrictions, the possibility for individuals to escape to nature can sometimes feel as though it’s farther away than ever.

 Do not let these feelings convince you that it is so difficult as it may feel. Regardless of one’s circumstances and restrictions in one’s own area, there is always a way to enjoy nature in a sustainable way!

Our 10 sustainable ideas to enjoy nature close to home are based on the availability of free time nature activities around the globe, which can be enjoyed in a variety of climates and areas as well as activities which can be done at one’s own home as well.

1. Trekking 

Trekking is a healthy way to enjoy nature alone or with others. Trekking in natural forests, park areas or urban nature walks are all plausible options for some time in nature while being close to home and keeping distance from others.

2. Stargazing  

Stargazing is a sustainable activity which can really be done almost anywhere. It is preferable to stargaze in a location without any lights, so highly urban environments can be challenging if there is a high degree of artificial lighting outdoors. However, rooftop stargazing has long been a nice way to end the evening for urbanites everywhere. For those serious about stargazing, rural or unpopulated areas are usually favoured for clear views and crisp cold nights seem to offer the starriest skies. 

3. Foraging 

Foraging is a fun  and educational way to enjoy nature and to  learn about food sustainability and natures ability to provide for us. Foraging in itself is an activity which can only be engaged in during certain times of the year, ie; when the item is in its natural growing season. Foragable items such as berries, wild herbs and dandelions, mushrooms and the like are all naturally available items and make a great addition to any meal – as well as a unique conversation starter!

4. Yoga 

Yoga is a sustainable activity which can be performed in a variety of natural environments as nature provides the peace and fresh air necessary and there are very few items one needs in order to engage in the activity. Practicing yoga in nature as a sustainable activity really seems a refreshing way to enjoy some singular time and letting go of all the stresses of daily life.

5. Bicycling 

Bicycling, though usually considered to be a warm weather activity, is a sustainable activity which can be engaged in year-round and in a variety of conditions such as urban, rural, water front and even mountainous regions. Bicycling is a sustainable alternative to transportation methods which burn fossil fuels and it is an excellent form of exercise as it is beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

6. Camping 

Camping as a sustainable activity which immediately comes to many people’s minds when considering sustainable ways to enjoy nature. Camping is commonly done in natural or nature preserve areas in which visitors are able to utilise the services of local rangers who can help to teach about the nature and wildlife in the area, as well as safety standards. Camping is a great way to immerse oneself in nature and to truly take a break from the stresses of everyday life. 

7. Virtual tours 

Taking a virtual tour may seem like an unusual way to enjoy nature close to home. Taking virtual tours is not only perfectly suited for those who are unable to find a peaceful nature area in close proximity to home, but for all who are currently unable to travel the way one wishes, and would still like to experience beautiful nature places around the globe. Virtual tours are a free way to immerse oneself in nature from the comfort of home, but checking out the 360 degree views and walkable tours in some truly amazing places!

8. Farm visit 

Agritourism, a form of tourism regarding visiting farms and agricultural centres to foster a connection with the source of one’s food, to learn about traditional methods and to meet the animals and contribute to small rural communities. If one is residing in an area which is in close proximity to a farm which welcomes visitors, this is an educational and productive way to spend the day. Typically these farmers enjoy sharing information about their profession and the history as well as cultural aspects which play into it. A bonus of agritourism is when the visitor has the opportunity to go home with some farm sourced goodies.

9. Picnicking 

Taking oneself on a nice picnic outdoors is a simple and effective way to enjoy nature close to home. One only needs the motivation to visit the outdoors and find a nice place for sitting and to enjoy a snack. Merely taking a moment to breathe in the fresh air and sit and take in ones beautiful natural surroundings can completely turn around a day and offer some much needed peace of mind. 

10. Visit green rooftops in your urban area 

Visiting urban rooftop gardens is a fun way to enjoy nature, even when immersed in a city centre. As rooftop gardens are mainly in highly urbanised areas, visitors can enjoy this spectacular treat in witnessing how city and nature can merge together in a sustainable and beautiful way.

From these 10 sustainable ideas to enjoy nature close to home, are options for every climate and activities which can be participated in whether one is residing in a densely populated urban environment or in a more rural area with accessible access to nature. It is our hope that this list will help to give our readers ideas on how to navigate the pandemic restrictions while still being able to go out and enjoy nature in a sustainable way.

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